p15.jpg (9983 bytes)
YSA New Years training
2 am Jan. 1, '99


p17.jpg (20468 bytes)
Various YSA aikida at "Uncle Yips" Chinese restaurant for Chinese New Year (part A)
Feb. '99

p16.jpg (22350 bytes)
Part B

p18.jpg (25544 bytes)
"Winnie-the-pooh" dojo..."Aikido of 100 Acre Wood" ... a satelite dojo of YSA
Apr. '99

p19.jpg (26865 bytes)
Aikido of "100 Acre Wood" branch of YSA
Apr. '99

p20.jpg (14282 bytes)
Scott Lim's shodan exam at Aikido of South Florida
Tachi Dori : Kotegaeshi
May '99

p21.jpg (13247 bytes)
Scott Lim's "3 on 1" during his shodan test
May '99

p22.jpg (21415 bytes)
Mike sensei, Pat Sensei and Scott (holding Connor, Pat Sensei's son!)
May '99

p23.jpg (25704 bytes)
Mike, Dave Kresge (husband of Pat Sensei), Pat Sensei, Scott (with Connor) and Stephanie Sensei (Aikido of South Florida)
May '99

p24.jpg (29412 bytes)
Passed Shodan!
Mike, Jean, Connor, Scott, Pat Sensei
May '99

p25.jpg (26024 bytes)
Mike Sensei and Scott
A new Shodan
May '99

p26.jpg (36476 bytes)
Pat Sensei's ASFLA seminar
5th kumitachi
May '99

p27.jpg (28686 bytes)
Pat Sensei's Seminar ASFLA
1st kumitachi, variation #1
May '99

p28.jpg (28458 bytes)
Jean Catherine, Mike Sensei, 2 ASFLA aikidoka & Carolyn Joseph
May '99

p29.jpg (14104 bytes)
Scott's shodan test
tanto dori : kokyu ho
May '99

p30.jpg (24828 bytes)
Hendricks Sensei Seminar
ASFLA in front of the
"Shomen tree"
May '99

p31.jpg (29614 bytes)
Scott Lim & Mike Sensei
ASFLA Hendricks sensei seminar
May '99

p32.jpg (19447 bytes)
Mike Sensei & Scott Lim
Kotegaeshi, 1st kumitachi variation
May '99

p33.jpg (12047 bytes)
Carolyn Joseph doing an excellent
Ni ningaki...2 person attack - 2 techniques simultaneously
May '99

p34.jpg (13415 bytes)
Great extension!
Carolyn Joseph
May '99

p35.jpg (17343 bytes)
Stephanie Yap, ASFLA
"womp'im Steph!"
May '99

p36.jpg (13278 bytes)
Scott Lim's shodan test "1st technique"
May '99

p37.jpg (15486 bytes)
Stable Iriminage Scott!
Shodan test
May '99

p38.jpg (16594 bytes)
Stretching out and warming up shoulders under the banyon tree weapons area at Pat Sensei's ASFLA seminar.
May '99

p39.jpg (22807 bytes)
Stephanie giving Pat Sensei a "nice slow back stretch"
May '99

p40.jpg (30949 bytes)
Scott being corrected by Pat Sensei
May '99

p41.jpg (21615 bytes)
"...someone will attack you...just get out of the way..."
May '99

p42.jpg (21532 bytes)
Carolyn,Jean,Scott & Mike Sensei in front of the "shomen tree"
Pat Sensei's seminar ASFLA
May '99

m1.jpg (9554 bytes)
June '99
kyu tests
m2.jpg (12491 bytes)
June '99
Age 8-13 kids
kyu tests (serious photo)
m3.jpg (13820 bytes)
June '99
Age 8-13 kids
kyu tests (traditional silly photo)
m5.jpg (11354 bytes)
June '99
Age 5-8
kids test (serious photo)
m4.jpg (10524 bytes)
June '99
Age 5-8 kids
kyu tests (traditional silly photo)
m6.jpg (14935 bytes)
Mike Sensei's 1st seminar!
June '99 in Michigan State University Judo room
m7.jpg (21811 bytes)
Aikido of San Leandro 8/20/99
Pat Sensei congratulating Andrew & Ricky Wong, just passed their nidan tests!
m8.jpg (17891 bytes)
Aikido of San Leandro 8/20/99
Eva & Andy (German uchideshi) being validated after their nidan & sandan tests, respectively
m9.jpg (17220 bytes)
Aikido of San Leandro 8/20/99
"farewell line" for uchideshi
Eric, Lina (Sweden), Eva (Germany), Andy (Germany) & Stephan (Canada)
m10.jpg (16551 bytes)
Aikido of San Leandro 8/20/99
Farewell uchideshi photo
(note:  Jason & Hamsa to Mike Sensei's left were in Mike Sensei's uchideshi kid's class at ASL in 1991!  Look how they've grown!)
m11.jpg (18742 bytes)
Aikido of San Leandro 8/21/99
Farewell photo for Ricky Wong & Lina Gustavisson (in front row in hakama's)
m12.jpg (14920 bytes)
Mike Sensei's uchideshi rejuvinating area, the Marin Headlands just north of the Golden Gate 8/99.  (Note:  Big ship leaving the San Franscisco Bay)
m13.jpg (13773 bytes)
Golden Gate National Seashore & Marin Headlands 8/99
To rejuvinate ones uchideshi spirit all ASL 'deshi go here.
p43.jpg (35860 bytes)
Gary Hulagrocki (uke) Kenora Ontario uchideshi.  11/99 Heiny, O'Connor & Linden Seminar
p44.jpg (32891 bytes)
Doug & Derrick testing for 4th kyu.  "go no awase."  9/99
p45.jpg (34660 bytes)
Patrick Hayes - nage
Derrick Owens - uke
9/99 Patrick's 3rd kyu test.
p46.jpg (26165 bytes)
9/99 Patrick testing for 3rd kyu.  Dave Bosco, uke.
p47.jpg (71706 bytes)
6/99 YSA Summer Solstice Party.
"Ninja vs. Samurai Spectacular"
p48.jpg (54272 bytes)
Scott Lim, Patrick, Lindsey Hayes & Katie Reese.
YSA June, 1999 Summer Solstice Party.
p49.jpg (72936 bytes)
YSA June 1999 Summer Solstice Party.
Mike Sensei doing "bubble uchi"
p50.jpg (30077 bytes)
December Adult Kyu tests
Rusty Cousins, Derrick Weens, Gary Hulagrocki, Julie Fess, Greg Cloherty


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