p130.jpg (29189 bytes)
Aikido of San Leandro kamiza in its 2-25-01 evolution.
p131.jpg (24105 bytes)
Mike Sensei, Ginny McClean (New Zealander), Gary, Krista & Pat Sensei & Connor sempai
February, 2001
p132.jpg (20742 bytes)
Uchideshi & Sensei
Farewell to Ginny McClean (New Zealander)
February 19, 2001
p133.jpg (16325 bytes)
Mike Sensei & Scott Hassler
"Old friends"
February 24, 2001
p134.jpg (18107 bytes)
Mike Sensei, Jill Dietmeyer & Scott Hassler.
"Aiki friends for over a decade!"
p135.jpg (19293 bytes)
Bruce, Don, Tom, Gary, Daisy, John, Marlin, Ginny McClean, Pat Sensei, Mike Sensei, Bruce, Wolfgang
Farewell class for Ginny
February 19, 2001
p136.jpg (24901 bytes)
February 19, 2001
p137.jpg (29208 bytes)
Pat Sensei & Connor sempai.
Febraury, 2001
p138.jpg (16123 bytes)
YSA members in front of Aikido West dojo shomen with an actual original piece of O'Sensei's calligraphy.
February 25, 2001
p139.jpg (16350 bytes)
Gary Hulagrocki, Mike Sensei and Carolyn Joseph after all the tests and just before leaving for Ohio.
February 25, 2001
p140.jpg (14941 bytes)
Connor Hendricks Kesgl
February, 2001
p141.jpg (19083 bytes)
Krista, MGM, Marlin and Gary
6:30 AM keiko Gary's shodan test preperation
p142.jpg (17154 bytes)
6:30 AM Keiko @ ASL shodan test preperation
p143.jpg (18996 bytes)
Pat Sensei recieves Mike Sensei's yondan demo gratitude gift.
February 24, 2001
p144.jpg (21640 bytes)
Liz's last day as an ASL uchideshei.
February 25, 2001
p145.jpg (18512 bytes)
Mike Sensei with old friend Elizabeth Pennel of Aikido of Charlottesville.
February 25, 2001
AANC meeting
p146.jpg (23029 bytes)
Pat Hendricks Sensei throwing Gary Hulagrocki at AANC training.
February 25, 2001
p147.jpg (14756 bytes)
Gary Hulagrocki's shodan test.
February 22, 2001
p148.jpg (10325 bytes)
Gary's shodan test.
February 22, 2001
p149.jpg (9282 bytes)
Gary's shodan test.
"kumi tachi"
February 22, 2001
p150.jpg (12391 bytes)
Gary's shodan test.
February 22, 2001
p151.jpg (22474 bytes)
YSA studetns at Frank Doran's dojo for the AANC meeting. Standing in front of an actual piece of O'Sensei's calligraphy.
February 25, 2001
p152.jpg (18054 bytes)
After the yondan demo with Cindy Paloma, Aikido of Sunset Cliffs.
"Old friends"
February 24, 2001
p153.jpg (14724 bytes)
Elizabeth Pennel Charlottesville Aikido dojo cho & long time friend.
February 24, 2001
p154.jpg (18494 bytes)
Jill Dietmeyer, sandan examinee. Uchideshie at Aikido of Sunset Cliffs at same time as Mike Sensei was uchideshi at Aikido fo San Leandro in 1990-91.
February 24, 2001
p155.jpg (16027 bytes)
Mike Sensei, after the demo, with Elizabeth Pennel and Andrea Louie - Aikido of Charlottesville Dojo cho and YSA alumni respectively.
February 24, 2001
wpe1.jpg (20294 bytes)
12 kyu tests...whew...
Farewell to Greg Cloherty going back to Ireland.
wpe2.jpg (16803 bytes)
"Look at that technique Buhrle!... Look at that ukemi Kevin!"
wpe3.jpg (15534 bytes)
"Nice hip turn Kevin!"
wpe4.jpg (12947 bytes)
Buhrle nage, Kevin uke.
wpe5.jpg (8592 bytes)
Good form Buhrle!  Good ukemi Kevin!
wpe6.jpg (10587 bytes)
Kata Dori Nikkyo ura
wpe7.jpg (12410 bytes)
Nice Atemi Liz!
wpe9.jpg (13686 bytes)
"kesa giri"
wpeA.jpg (13035 bytes)
"Nice extension, Liz!"
wpeB.jpg (16370 bytes)
"two, count 'em two 3rd kyu tests @ one time"
Chris Woodward, Diana Turpin
wpeC.jpg (11550 bytes)
"Sankyo ura Diana, yes!"
wpeD.jpg (16993 bytes)
"Nice uchi tachie form Chris!"
wpeE.jpg (18676 bytes)
Much of YSA
wpeF.jpg (20279 bytes)
"Everybody 'show teeth' or you can't get 'shodan'"
wpe10.jpg (16755 bytes)
Greg Cloherty - 2nd kyu.
wpe11.jpg (17229 bytes)
"Irish people are hard to do nikyo on..."
wpe12.jpg (17388 bytes)
Diana Turpin - 3rd kyu
wpe8.jpg (19057 bytes)
"Ok now do something silly to your neighbor..."
wpe10.jpg (14416 bytes)
wpe11.jpg (15640 bytes)
Soji II
wpe12.jpg (16107 bytes)
Maggie Kabec & Anya Hill
"up & coming" aikidoka
wpe13.jpg (12901 bytes)
Julie Fess - 1st kyu
wpe14.jpg (10923 bytes)
Julie's 1st kyu test.
Anya uke.
wpe15.jpg (16099 bytes)
Maggie - "kids shodan"
Derrick - uke
wpe16.jpg (13896 bytes)
Derrick Owens - 1st kyu test.
wpe17.jpg (12068 bytes)
Derrick's 1st kyu test.
wpe18.jpg (11020 bytes)
Derrick - koshi nage
Greg Cloherty - uke
wpe19.jpg (15786 bytes)
Maggie - koshi nage
Anya - uke
wpe1A.jpg (11141 bytes)
Maggie...ok now throw someone in koshinage shorter than you... "welcome to my world, Maggie"
wpe1B.jpg (12290 bytes)
Paul Clark's 1st koshinage high fall...on Derrick's 1st kyu test yet!
wpe1C.jpg (18363 bytes)
3 1st kyu & 1 kid's shodan tests at the same time...whew!
wpe1D.jpg (19226 bytes)
Anya's Randori
wpe1E.jpg (14585 bytes)
Liz's 4th kyu "jiya waza"
wpe1F.jpg (17771 bytes)
Maggie's shodan randori...four, count 'em, four ukes!
wpe20.jpg (13147 bytes)
Greg Cloherty's 2nd kyu cermony.
"ake mashitte amedetto"
wpe21.jpg (25583 bytes)
Greg injecting some levity as he was want to do...
wpe22.jpg (19272 bytes)
Ha Ha Pizza post test party.
Sensei talking with Anya & boyfriend.
wpe23.jpg (21749 bytes)
Gottfried & Diana discussing Aiki learning theory post test...
wpe24.jpg (17384 bytes)
"I get to wear a hakama!"
-Derrick Owens, 1st kyu
wpe25.jpg (10474 bytes)
Chris Woodward, 3rd kyu.
G1.jpg (81000 bytes)
The gold grandprix-red grandprix YSA "walkie talkie" tour.
G2.jpg (77457 bytes)
From the Marin Head Lands looking through the fog and under the Golden Gate Bridge.
G3.jpg (93233 bytes)
"Take Two"
G4.jpg (88466 bytes)
CJ, Liz, Sensei, Julie, Burhle at the Goldne Gate.
G5.jpg (70416 bytes)
The fog's curling tendrils over the Golden Gate Recreation Area coastal mountains.
G6.jpg (63590 bytes)
"Take Three"
M1.jpg (235451 bytes)
Muir Woods...the oldest one is on the right.
M2.jpg (207704 bytes)
Julie, Liz and Michael Sensei in Muir Woods.
M3.jpg (169877 bytes)
A circle of Giant Redwoods.
M4.jpg (226980 bytes)
"We can only go up from here..."
M5.jpg (102798 bytes)
Muir Beach King Crab.
M6.jpg (72812 bytes)
Looking South across Muir Beach.
M7.jpg (126249 bytes)
Muir Beachcomber Mike Sensei.
M8.jpg (89096 bytes)
Looking North over Muir Beach... where Mike Sensei wants to live.
M9.jpg (151464 bytes)
Muir Woods...the 1949 burn...
M10.jpg (202050 bytes)
"Shivered timber" Muir Woods at the U.N. birthplace Cathedral Grove.
M11.jpg (175252 bytes)
YSA photoed by Greg touring Muir Woods...almost heaven.
M12.jpg (331119 bytes)
Muir Woods
M13.jpg (145170 bytes)
Greg Covington...in hanmi inside a giant redwood.
S1.jpg (116767 bytes)
Julie folding up her hakama.
S2.jpg (106687 bytes)
Scott Lim folding Mike Sensei's hakama (domo arigato Scott!)
S3.jpg (99561 bytes)
Mike Sensei & a Japanese Aiki beginner.
S4.jpg (93208 bytes)
Miles Kessler Sensei and Pat Sensei.
S5.jpg (112814 bytes)
Mike Sensei doing cross-cultural training.
S6.jpg (102893 bytes)
S7.jpg (102108 bytes)
Liz...good kokyo Liz!
S8.jpg (99573 bytes)
CJ finishing a yonkyo.
S9.jpg (102940 bytes)
CJ...Great yonkyo omote form!
S10.jpg (93634 bytes)
Julie Fess amid the masses of Aikidoka at what was supposed to have been Saito Sensei's seminar.
S11.jpg (99705 bytes)
Pat Sensei & Miles Kessler Sensei.
S12.jpg (112788 bytes)
Mike Sensei, with minimal Japanese, helps a Japanese Aikido beginner.
S13.jpg (108237 bytes)
Pat Sensei & Miles Kessler Sensei.
S14.jpg (101309 bytes)
Burhle being "yonkyo'd" by the Sensei from Mexico City, Mexico.
S15.jpg (113970 bytes)
Burhle "yonkyo's" a yudamsha.
S16.jpg (107890 bytes)
Buhrle finishes yonkyo omote with a flourish.
S17.jpg (105507 bytes)
Liz "putting on" that yonkyo.
S18.jpg (98955 bytes)
Wide angle shot of 9/20/01 - 9/23/01 seminar
S19.jpg (110061 bytes)
CJ showing good yonkyo form.
S20.jpg (102618 bytes)
Seminar action shot.
S21.jpg (110943 bytes)
Buhrle & Greg
S23.jpg (81271 bytes)
Scott & Julie founding members of the YSA hakama kai.
S24.jpg (101054 bytes)
YSA on the hard wood floor in front of the shomen.
S25.jpg (113104 bytes)
Liz & Mike Sensei.
S26.jpg (134934 bytes)
Tsss...aah cooling those ffet.  Actually washing them in the pool...
S27.jpg (99850 bytes)
In the deep fog on the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse overlook.
S28.jpg (157097 bytes)
Greg & his Northern California car...
p156.jpg (51500 bytes)
Saito '01 YSA group minus Liz
9/23/01 Rhonert Park, CA.
p157.jpg (86095 bytes)
Sensei, Julie Fess & Burhle
Muir Woods 9/21/01
p158.jpg (38740 bytes)
Burhle Hubbuch, Sensei & Julie Fess relaxing outside Rhonert Park Pavillion 9/22/01
p159.jpg (73689 bytes)
From left to right "Old Oaklanders" relaxing:  Louis Jumonville, Peter Slote, Pat Hendricks, Wolfgang Baumgartner, Patricia Yarrow.
p160.jpg (56543 bytes)
Burhle, Greg Covington, Liz Bolyard-Mick, Sensei, Jordan Kramer.
p161.jpg (54539 bytes)
Burhle, Greg, Liz, Sensei
"What was to have been Saito Sensei '01"
p162.jpg (66005 bytes)
The "kokyu wave"
Liz, Sensei, Scott Lim
p163.jpg (66000 bytes)
"Take muser kokyu wave"
p164.jpg (60818 bytes)
Sensei biting tongue, Scott encouraging... 9/23/01
p165.jpg (64628 bytes)
The court yard of the Rhonert Park Community Center
p166.jpg (91416 bytes)
Julie, Sensei
Muir Woods
p167.jpg (28900 bytes)
Julie, Liz, Burhle, Greg and Sensie at GGNRA Golden Gate Bridge overlook 9/21/01
p169.jpg (68103 bytes)
The South end of Muir Beach
p170.jpg (50133 bytes)
The Golden Gate to San Franscisco.
p171.jpg (91389 bytes)
Saturday 9/22/01
What was to have been Saito Sensei's '01 Seminar.

"...Mike Sensei's yon dan demo, Gary Hulagrocki, uke"