PH Seminar Shomen

Olivia Chen

Bowing in/out

here we go...

extend in both directions...

Paul Linden, sensei & Olivia...
weapons in the glen...


how to do a slash attack...cut at kidney height...

Olivia Chen with her teachers

group photo

group phot #2

announcements in the closing circle

irimi nage

look at Olivia's form!

we bow a lot in Aikido...

suware waza kokyu ho
with John Nyguen uke

a good kiai photo

irimi nage one step at a time

answering a question

kaeshi from kaitenage beginning

Olivia & Shawn

Stephan Barton uke for kaitenage

Mike sensei, uke

kokyu nage

look at those fingers extending ki!

Peggy Berger Sensei, uke

tai no henko

tai no henko ukemi...

the shodans of February '02

Julie Fess, Derek Owens & Maggie Krabec-yudansha

Julie Fess

Maggie Krabec

YSA seminar attendees

Derek Owens


4th ken tai jo...Katie Reese & Scott Lim

Cody Cousins and Olivia Chen doing ken tai jo!

Katie Reese & Stephan Barton
4th KTJo

Look at that KTJo form !

Scott Lim & Mike Sensei

all folks who've been uchideshi at Pat Sensei's dojo...Gabe and Stephan are only non-YSA folks...

Julie, CJ, Gottfried & Maggie

Stephan Barton & Doug Bitler

a classic view of Pat Sensei's excellent and timely instruction

John, Dave, Katie & Anya

Liz taking ukemi for a very short nage
from ushiro ryote dori!

Doug Bitler & Mike Sensei

Anya Hill & Maggie Krabec
YSA hakama kai

Pat Sensei teaching tai no henko

Carolyn Joseph & Scott Lim