New YSA Aikidoka    

Troy Copes

Shawn Webster

Trevor Davidson-March

Yellow Springs Aikido
March 2004 kyu tests
Juan Brooks, 3rd kyu
Mike Zarecky, 3rd kyu
Excellent tests!

March 2004
The "Traditional silly" group photo.

March 2004
Juan and Mike did great 3rd kyu tests.

March 2004
Olivia Chen - 2nd kyu test
Maggie Krabec, uke

March 26, 2004
8-13 y/o class
Sensei, Elliott, Robbi, Maggie, Adam, Olivia

YSA dojo cleaners and painters taking a well deserved break!

The dojo in mid-Spring cleaning.

Troy and Shawn after all the painting was done enjoying a job well done.

Mike Zarechy on the back steps of YSA taking a well deserved lunch break.

Caroline, Toby Eshelman and Amanda Turner-Eshelman outside our fave restaurant in Yellow Springs

Shawn Webster
6th kyu test
July 2004

Troy Copes
6th kyu test
July 2004

Trevor Davidson (3rd kyu) &
Rich Kice (7th kyu)
July 2004

"Dame dame"
Mike Zarecky, Carolyn Josepth &
the "BIG CHEESE" during kyu tests
July 2004

"morote dori kokyu ho"
with Carolyn Joseph
July 2004

Enon, Ohio YSA 2004 Demo

Enon, Ohio YSA 2004 Demo

Enon, Ohio YSA 2004 Demo

Enon, Ohio YSA 2004 Demo

Enon, Ohio YSA 2004 Demo

Enon, Ohio YSA 2004 Demo

Enon, Ohio YSA 2004 Demo

Jim, Mike, Sensei & Alan

Better angle...

Tanren Uchi bokken gift from H. Saito

After the Demo's

Best angle


Jim, Sensei and gift signed by H. Saito

Road trip to McClure's beach

'what a fun place'

Resting on the beach

Primeval Pt. Reyes

Path to McClure's beach

Pat, Connor, Jan, Dave, Ben

Nathaneal, Jan and the crew

Nathaneal & Jim kumi tachi 'ing

Jirka & Sensei kumi jo 'ing

Looking S-W toward SF

Jirka, it's 'that-a-way'


Looking back at McClure's beach from 'Paul Roger's meditation perch'

Everyone really small

Jirka & Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Jim and Nathaneal

Russ Alvey, composer & Aikidoka

Jirka's 'Sweet Little Sensei' song

Russ Alvey Singing

Alisha Marker

Gottfried Kloimwieder

YSA Shomen

"I can see those dame's over there!"

Vince, H and Pat Yarrow

Jordan, Steph, MGM, Pat, Bill, Carla, Louis, Stephan at Rosie's in the Nugget

YSA shomenuchi ikkyo, ura!

Troy and Shawn gogyu pin

Knee walking onegaeshimas

Shawn Webster "kokyuho"

Shawn, Lee and Troy
September promotions

Missy Walters, Alisha Marker and Troy Copes practice the 13 jo kata with Mike Sensei