Rob Pruitt and Ed Honore deliver A+ 5th Kyu tests

Rob Pruitt and Ed Honore deliver A+ 5th Kyu tests

Rob Pruitt and Ed Honore deliver A+ 5th Kyu tests

Bob Molerio his students and his brother in law ASNJ PH Sensei seminar 10-09

Claire Keller at Aikido Schools of NJ for P Hendricks Seminar 10-09

GK and MZ 10-09

GK cleaning the shomen 10-09

Nelson and Shawn posing for sensei's new camera 10-09

YSA 10-09

YSA dojo shomen 10-09

YSA Friday night class 10-09

YSA shomen 10-09

2-09 ASL Div I training Funny picture

2-09 ASL Div I Training pre class photo

4-09 Hendricks Sensei seminar

4-09 P. Hendricks Sensei Fairfax VA seminar photo

6-09 H Saito Sensei ASL YSA photo
  Kathy's 5th Kyu test and Kathy's and Robert's 5th kyu promotion  ceremony.  

2 full seconds

2 full seconds

extend ki Vaughn

good ukemi Jorie

blue belt kotegaeshi

knee walking back

good pin Lucas

good hanmi

ikkyo in front

keep walking

Jorie onegai

ikkyo behind Nicholas

ikkyo in front Nicholas

hands and back foot together

good ukemi Soloman

head up toes up

kokyo dosa

Sam uke extrordinaire

kokyu dosa

parents viewpont


Nicholas Greene


regular tai no henko

Nicholas  Kokyu ho




Nicholas and Sam blue belt test

Lucas blue belt Jorie as uke


look at that kokyu


/kokyu ho

thumbs twd your face and fingers twd the ceiling

toe to toe and turn backwards

TNH flowing

Soloman Shemano 5th kyu test

Solomans ikkyo ukemi

Solomano wa hachi kyu des

Soloman being a good demo uke

Soloman onega

Vaughns kokyu ho

scamardi te


shomen ni rei

sensei ni rei

Vaughns ikkyo ukemi


Vaughns got you now Nelson


Vaughns ukemi

Vaughno wa go kyu des

Lucas yon kyu

Nicholas yon kyu

amedetto gozaimas



palms up and bow

Jorie hachi kyu

all clap


palms up bowing

well get this new camera right yet

12-09 Monday kids class


customary silly picture