Uchideshi Program Policies


1. 5:30 cleaning / 6:30 am keiko, like all training, is mandatory.
-- If a senior student is present, class will be held. If not, train on your own.
-- Sensei may instruct you to work on a particular aspect of your technique.  Make this a priority during training.
-- Establish a personal "curfew" so that you are alert and ready to train in the morning.
2. Train every class. Sensei occasionally makes special arrangements, like in the case of Working Uchi Deshi.
3. If you suddenly become unable to attend any class, you are responsible for notifying at least the Sempai, Soto or Uchi Deshi personally. In an emergency call both Sensei and the dojo. If you are ill, injured, or would like to leave the dojo for any length of time consult with Sensei well in advance.
4. You must be available mentally and physically to train and take ukemi and make training a personal priority.
5. Attitude is very important on the mat. If you’re committed to be Uchi Deshi, you already have a good attitude for training - keep it up.  You know your own attitude best. Don’t distract others from their training by requiring help with your attitude.   Just take care of business.  Be hard on yourself so no one else has to.

1. Deshi are responsible for the overall daily maintenance and care of the dojo.
--The mat area, dressing rooms, bathrooms, lounge, front, and rear entrances should be clean at all times.
uchi deshi create a daily clean-up list and are responsible for sharing the tasks in the early morning, before and after each class, and before retiring. Provide opportunities for Soto Deshi to assist.
Lounge and dressing rooms -- Arrange cleaning parties for major housecleaning/projects.
2. The kitchen area must be immaculate at all times. Immediately put away food and wash/put away dishes after use.
3. Each deshi is responsible for keeping his/her living space clean at all times. Anything can happen and Sensei / the Dojo may have immediate needs.
4. Deshi set an example of decorum and etiquette while in the dojo (clean gi, short nails, etc.)

1. The nearest
uchideshi takes care of visitors immediately and supportively. Uchideshi are apprentice teachers.  Always work with the newest student you can.  Do so with minimal talking.
3. Greet guests to the dojo and be a good salesperson as well as host. Make them comfortable, answer questions, draw them into what’s going on.
4. Inventory all our supplies and items for sale. Be aware so that restock happens before we run out.
5. Lights on and door open - Uchi Deshi on the mat at least 30 min before every practice.

1. Extend yourself to other dojo members, particularly beginners and visitors
, listen to them well.
2. Observe everything that happens in the dojo and communicate responsibly with Sensei.
3. If anything needs to be taken care of, (a) do it or fix it; (b) get someone reliable to attend to it.
4. Do dojo business and run errands for Sensei or the dojo during the day as your first priority before
your own private training or relaxing.
5. Off the mat, make yourself available to help Sensei as much as possible, but don’t push it. Stay alert so you note when help is needed.
6. No overnight visitors are allowed without Sensei’s prior permission.
7. Sensei feels responsible for your personal welfare as long as you are an Uchi Deshi. Communicate your whereabouts, etc.
8. Your Uchi Deshi arrangement is constantly up for review. Unless other arrangements are made, every three months there will be a meeting with Sensei to re-evaluate your commitment. Remember what Pat Hendricks Sensei said when
she was Sempai uchideshi in Iwama: "Relax, but stay a little tense."

Deshi acknowledges and accepts at all times and under all circumstances the value of her/his service, dedication, and assistance to the dojo. Service to others is work of the highest order. Sensei acknowledges this service and makes a personal commitment to serve the deshi through teaching.



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