Saito Sensei

Saito Sensei 1973 & 2001 demos

All Japan Aikido Demonstration 1994 Morihiro Saito

Sensei in NJ 1988
Donovan Waite Sensei in foreground

Vince Salvatore (recently returned from Iwama), Rick Stickles, Sensei and M. Saito Sensei
2/21/88 New Jersey

M. Saito Sensei helpin on 1st Kumi Jo
Lydia - ni dan from Vancouver
New Jersey 1988

S. Pranin Sensei, M. Saito Sensei, Mike Sensei
31 Jo Kata just beginning #8
2/21/88 in New Jersey
Mike Sensei finally able to memorize 31 jo kata after 2 years of practice on own.

First time training with M. Saito Sensei
Caroline, Mike Sensei
2/21/88 New Jersey
Remainder of people from Cleveland Aikido - John Smith Sensei

M. Saito Sensei in New Jersey
Signing his books

Larry Bardach, Jay Bell, Pranin Sensei, Bernice, M. Saito Sensei, Tom Sensei
1st kumijo

Hitohiro Saito, Pat Hendricks, Bernice Tom, Hoa Nyguen

Louis JumonVille, Sensei, Pat Sensei, Shibata San at Golden Gate Vista

Aikido of San Leandro
Jamie, Bill, Pat Sensei and Witt Sensei, Saito Sensei, shibata san...
Mike Sensei had been uchideshi for one month...9/22/90


Nadeau Sensei, Doran Sensei, Saito Sensei, Witt Sensei
San Leandro 9/22/90

Sensei / Louis JumonVille, Bill Essig
Showing defense against kick/punch
Orinda/Oakland, CA
9/21/91 about 2am

Alberta Hankeson, English guy, Saito Sensei, Hoa Nyguen, Mike Sensei, Russ Alvey, English guy, Carlos Nogueria, Eric, Forest, Pat Sensei, Bogdan Rumas
Bowing out of weapons testing

Carlos Nogueria (4th dan, LA)/Louis, Hoa Nyguen, Deb Maizels, Bernice Tom Sensei, Pat Hendricks Sensei
Weapons testing San Leandro

Russ Alvey, Mike Sensei, Alberta Hankansen, Joellyn Hamaguchi, English guy, Bogdan, Eric Clark (Witt Sensei student)
Saito Sensei testing us all for the stability of our 2nd move in 31 Kata

San Diego 9/15/91
Saito Sensei showing patience with our Da'me's.
Training in Ken Tai Jo with
old friend Ben Teeter.
Ben / Mike Sensei - 2nd or 3rd Ken Tai Jo

Sensei, Rich Elias, Mike Sensei, Louis, translator
October 1991


"Receiving a gift from Sensei fro all my hard deshi work during his seminar"


"Bowing all done"


Maria Kapa (New Zealand), Mike Sensei, Weesie Simon, PH, The chief Sensei, Donny Lyons, Bernice Tom
*3rd from left - back row David Wagner
Ben Teeter
*4th from right-back row is Paul
*5th from right-back row is Yvonne Thelwell
Aikido of Arlington 9/92


Hidari no Awase
Miles & Sensei
Virginia, 1994


Sensei showing Taijutsu application
Virginia, 1994


Sensei & Miles
1st Kumitachi
Virginia, 1994


Miles & Sensei
Ki musubi no tachi
Virginia, 1994


Miles & Sensei Kumitachi variation
Pat Sensei translating in foreground
Charlotlesvill, VA 1994


Sensei & Miles
Kumitachi variation


Sensei & Pat Sensei Ken Tai Jo
Virginia, 1994

Pat Sensei & Sensei
Ken Tai Jo
Virginia, 1994


Sensei's Kumitachi Throwing variation
Virginia, 1994


Homma Sensei introducing Saito Sensei's song


"Singing an old romantic love song"
Nippon Kan, 1995


"Vibrating those pipes"
Don Lyons taking picture in Foreground


Accepting the applause after his song
Denver 1995


Nippon Kan 1995
Kawabe Sensei, Saito Sensei, Dave Alexander Sensei pouring & Homma Sensei


Denver, Colorado


Bruce Michel, Tom Brockman, Sensei and Mike Sensei


H. Saito Sensei February 2003, Denver Colorado
Memorial Seminar for M. Saito.
Pat Hendricks Sensei, Aikido of San Leandro members, Aikido of North Texas members and Mike Sensei