As a traditional school, all students are welcomed and expected to personally develop a teacher-student relationship with Sensei and the Dojo community.

Sensei commits himself to cultivating each studentís development, personally. It is through this relationship that the deeper understandings of Aikido are transmitted.

All new students must observe one of Senseiís classes before registering for the beginnersí class.

Uniforms may be purchased thru  Kiyota Co. @ 800-783-2232 or Bu Jin Design Co. @ 866-444-3644.  Parents shouldnít buy a uniform until their child has trained for a month.

All other classes are accessible after passing the 6th kyu test in the Beginners class.  Also dues drop from $65 to $50/month after 6th kyu.

Adult students may ask Sensei to test for 6th kyu. After 6th  kyu, students are to ask Sempai (senior student) to work with them outside Senseiís classes until the sempai sees them as ready & the Sempai asks Sensei.

Youth students (5ó13 y/o) earn colored belts.  Each colored belt costs $5--due before the promotion ceremony.  Purple (less than 7 y/o) or yellow belt (7y/o+) (8 classes), 2nd yellow (8) & orange (12)---are earned by participation.  Blue (24), green (12), brown (24), red (24) and kidsí black belts (36 classes)----are tested for.

All fees are to be paid before getting on the mat to train.  Established dojo members are given until the 10th of the month to pay their dues.

Private lessons fees are paid for at the time of scheduling with Sensei.    

All fees are non-refundable.  Make-up classes may be approved by Sensei if it was his inability to get sempai sub. coverage which led to the missed Beginnersí or Youth Class or Private Lesson.  

Month-to-Month Dues           


Student Category

Monthly Dues



Beginner Class

$65 until 6th kyu

General Class


Teens 14 to 18

$40 after 6th kyu

Kids 5 to 13

$65 until orange belt / $40 after orange belt
Visiting Aikidoists $15 per day

Private lessons

$55 for one, $200 for 4 and $360 for 8

Live-in students (uchideshi)

$145 (see uchideshi opportunities)

Extended Monthly Fees Saving Options

Pay for 5 months and get 6th month free
Pay for 10 months and get 11th and 12th months free


Total paid today:  _____________________________

Special Payment plan:  ___________________________________________________________________


Release of all claims

I _________________________________, recognized as the releaser, understand that my participation in Yellow Springs Aikido, Ltd. is voluntary and at my own risk and expense.  Releaser also understands that the practice of Aikido involves bodily contact and the use of weapons and has inherent risk of injury.  Releaser herby assumes full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury, death or property damage due to the negligence of releasees, or otherwise, while in or on the designated locations for the Yellow Springs Aikido, Ltd. classes and /or while attending, practicing or for any purpose participating in the Yellow Springs Aikido, Ltd. Sponsored seminars.


Signature of the releaser                            Date

Name of student/participant if under 18 and releaser above is guardian


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