Testing Procedure

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Mike Sensei with a "kid shihan" in 1991


All students show respect and appreciation and take responsibility for their own training by:

1. Arriving to class on time;

2. Being properly dressed or in a gi;

3. Placing belongings neatly in the designated area;

4. Bowing when entering and leaving the dojo/mat and when starting and stopping all training relationships;

5. Being respectful at all times by listening and following the directions of the instructor (Sensei).



Rank Belt Focused Classes marked by Sensei for promotion to this rank Months Age
9th Kyu white Granted at Entry 0 5

Forward rolls Tae no henko
Irimi Tenkan

8th Kyu purple or yellow 8 3 less than 7 or 7 and older

All above p1us
Tae no henko
Kokyu Dosa

7th Kyu purple ni or yellow ni 8 3 less than 7 or 7 and older

All above plus
Morote dori kokyu ho
Shomen uchi ikkyo omote

6th Kyu orange 12 3 7

All above plus
Shomen uchi ikkyo ura
Mune tsuki no pin
Happo giri
able to tie own belt
able to count to 10 in Japanese

5th Kyu orange ni 12 3 7

All above plus

Rolls from standing to standing
Mune tsuki with pin
katate dori shihonage omote and ura
can do back stretch with partner

4th Kyu blue 24 6 8

All above plus
Kata dori nikkyo omote & ura
Katate dori ikkyo omote & ura

3rd Kyu green 12 9 8

All above plus
Yokomen uchi shihonage
Shomen uchi iriminage
Defines uke, nage, omote and ura

2nd Kyu brown 24 12 9

All above plus
Shomen uchie ikkyo - yonkyo omote
Tachi waza
 Shomen uchi ikkyo - yonkyo omote and ura
 Tsuki shihonage
 Katate dori iriminage
 Gyakute dori kotegaeshi
 Ryo kata dori kokyu nage
 Bokken suburi
 1st 10 jo suburi with Sensei
 13 jo kata with Sensei
 Tanto dori - tsuki gokyo
Randori with 2 ukes

1st Kyu red 24 12 11

All above plus
Suware waza
 yokomen uchi ikkyo - gogyo omote & ura
 ushiro ryo katate, kata & hiji dori kokyu nage
Tachi waza
 katate dori koshinage
 ushiro ryote dori ikkyo, shihonage, irimi nage, kotegaeshi, kokyu nage
 katate dori kaitenage uchi and soto mawari
 ryote dori ten-shi nage
 kata dori juji garame
 All jo suburi called by Sensei
 All bokken awase's with sempai
 Tanto dori - yokomen uchi gokyo
Randori with 2 ukes ni nin gakki

Kids Shodan hakama 36 12 13

See Adults test requirements.

Aikikai Shodan Black 150 and one CAA event 12 15

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